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Top Picks: The Best Cyber Security Search Engines of the Year 2022

With the increasing number of online threats and cyber attacks, it’s essential to have the right tools to protect your online privacy and security. Cyber security Search engine play a significant role in keeping you safe on the internet. They not only help you find the information you need but also protect your privacy and security while doing so. In this article, we will discuss the best cyber security search engines that you can use to keep your online activities secure.

Below I have created a list of Best Cyber security Search Engines that everyone should know about in the InfoSec community.

This list is not in a specific order, mainly based on use/preference.

1/10 — Shodan

Shodan is a cyber security search engine for Internet-connected devices. It is often referred to as the “cyber security search engine for hackers” because it allows users to easily locate specific types of devices and systems, including webcams, routers, servers, and even industrial control systems

(Shodan Website Link)

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2/10 — Wigle

Wigle is a wireless network mapping service that aims to create a comprehensive database of Wi-Fi access points and their locations. Similar to Shodan, Wigle collects information about Wi-Fi networks, including their names, MAC addresses, and GPS coordinates.

(Wigle Website Link).

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3/10 — GreyNoise

GreyNoise is a security company that provides real-time intelligence on malicious internet-wide activity.

Search for devices connected to the internet (GreyNoise Website Link). Website

4/10 — VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a website and online service that analyzes files and URLs for potential threats and provides information about the results of different antivirus scans. It was created by the Spanish company Hispasec Sistemas and was later acquired by Google.

Analyse suspicious files, domains, IPs, and URLs to detect malware (VirusTotal Website Link) Website

5/10 — URL Scan

URL Scan is a tool that allows you to scan a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) to see if it contains any known threats or malicious content. The tool is used to check websites, webpages, or links for potential security risks, including malware, phishing, and other types of online threats.

Free service to scan and analyse websites (URL Scan Website Link).

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6/10 — Vulners

Vulners is a cyber security search engine and vulnerability database. It provides information on vulnerabilities and security threats to help organizations and individuals identify and protect against potential security risks.

Cybersecurity Search engine for vulnerabilities in a large database (Vulners Website Link).

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7/10 — WayBackMachine

The Wayback Machine is an Internet archive that provides access to historical versions of websites and web pages. The Wayback Machine allows users to see what a website looked like at a specific point in time, which can be useful for research.

View content from deleted websites or take a deep dive into the history of the web (WayBackMachine Website Link) [741 billion websites archived].

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8/10 — Netlas

Internet intelligence apps that provide accurate technical information on IP addresses, domain names, websites, web applications, IoT devices, and other online assets.

Search and monitor internet connected assets (Netlas Website Link).

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9/10 — ONYPHE

ONYPHE is a cybersecurity intelligence & cybersecurity search engine platform that provides information and insights into internet-wide activities. It helps organizations and security researchers track and analyze threat actors, malware, and other malicious activities

Collects cyber-threat intelligence data (ONYPHE Website Link).

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10/10 — FullHunt

FullHunt is the attack surface database & cybersecurity search engine of the entire Internet. FullHunt enables companies to discover all of their attack surfaces, monitor them for exposure, and continuously scan them for the latest security vulnerabilities. All, in a single platform, and more.

Search and discovery attack surfaces (FullHunt Website Link).

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In conclusion, when it comes to online privacy and security, it’s essential to choose the right search engine. The above-mentioned cybersecurity search engines are some of the best options available, offering secure and anonymous online searching. By using these cybersecurity search engines, you can protect your online privacy and keep your personal information safe from cyber criminals.

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