TryHackMe Rooms for Beginners

Best 350+ Free TryHackMe Rooms for Beginners and Experts

Introduction to TryHackMe

TryHackMe is an online platform designed to make learning cyber security accessible and engaging. It offers a variety of “Rooms for beginners” that simulate different environments and challenges, allowing users to practice hacking techniques, learn new concepts, and test their skills in a safe and legal manner. TryHackMe rooms are categorised by difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to expert, and cover numerous topics, including network security, web application security, reverse engineering, and more.

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Below, we have curated a comprehensive list of over 350+ free TryHackMe rooms for beginners, ideal for both novices and seasoned professionals looking to hone their expertise.

Intro Rooms:

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Basics Rooms:



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Crypto & Hashes:


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Wifi Hacking:

Reverse Engineering:

Conclusion :

TryHackMe is an exceptional platform for anyone interested in cybersecurity, offering a vast array of free rooms to develop and refine your skills. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or an expert looking to stay sharp, the comprehensive selection of rooms ensures there is something for everyone.

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